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Delta-Q Technologies Charges Towards its Net-Zero Emissions Goal

Delta-Q Technologies Charges Towards its Net-Zero Emissions Goal

Global charger leader achieves near net-zero emissions for Scope 1 and Scope 2 

Vancouver, B.C. – Dec 27, 2023 – Delta-Q Technologies (Delta-Q), a ZAPI GROUP company and leader in providing battery charging solutions, today announced it has achieved the goals of its Scope 1 and Scope 2 net-zero emissions targets. As Delta-Q continues to redefine the landscape of battery charging solutions, its commitment to sustainability remains at the forefront of its business decision-making.

As outlined by Canada’s Greening Government Strategy, Scope 1 includes direct greenhouse emissions that come from sources that an organization directly owns or controls. Delta-Q addressed its Scope 1 emissions with a new, state-of-the-art headquarters building.   

Delta-Q’s new global headquarters enables the company to hyper-focus on driving sustainability from within—utilizing electric heat pumps, ultra-efficient LED lighting, smart building controls and enhanced insulation. Fossil fuels are no longer consumed for heating or powering any systems in the building resulting in zero direct carbon emissions. 

Scope 2 emissions from Delta-Q are now also near zero. This scope includes all carbon emissions from purchased energy sources. As Delta-Q’s systems are now entirely powered by BC Hydro’s 98% emissions-free hydroelectric grid, the new facility effectively eliminates Scope 2 climate impacts. 

“Our team is thrilled to achieve these milestones,” said Conway Hui, Chair of the Delta-Q employee-led Sustainability Working Group. “At Delta-Q, we believe that sustainability and business growth go hand in hand. We hope our technology and steadfast focus on driving the EV transition will also lead the way toward an all-electric tomorrow.”  

After successfully reaching its near net-zero Scope 1 and 2 emissions reduction goals, Delta-Q turns its focus to the large task of reducing Scope 3 emissions, which are generated from third-party sources such as suppliers, contract manufacturers and transportation providers. Delta-Q plans to address this admittedly complex area by collaborating with and educating partners across the value chain to enact genuine change.

While we are happy with our progress to date, we aren’t satisfied and recognize reaching net-zero emissions is a journey,” said Conway. “Our focus now is addressing Scope 3 indirect emissions and enabling our OEM customers’ accelerating need to shift from internal combustion to electric drive systems. This is integral to our core purpose and organizational values.”

About Delta-Q Technologies 

Delta-Q Technologies is charging the future and driving the world’s transition into electric energy. Delta-Q’s collaborative approach in designing, testing and manufacturing robust battery chargers enhances the performance of its clients’ electric vehicles and industrial equipment. As the preferred supplier for Tier 1 OEMs, Delta-Q leverages its core values, resilience and engineering prowess to assist our customers in navigating the electrification landscape, contributing to a greener planet. 

A proud member of the ZAPI GROUP, Delta-Q Technologies is headquartered in Vancouver, Canada. The dedicated Delta-Q team and extensive distribution network span across five continents, serving a diverse range of industries. These include electric golf carts, lift trucks, aerial work platforms, e-mobility, floor care machines, utility/recreational vehicles, and emerging sectors such as construction, off-highway and outdoor power equipment.  

Delta-Q’s global presence and expertise position the company as a leader in the field, committed to advancing sustainable energy solutions worldwide.

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Delta-Q Technologies (Delta-Q) is charging the future and driving the world's transition to electric energy. They collaboratively design, test, and manufacture robust battery chargers that improve the performance of our customer's electric drive vehicles and industrial machines. As the supplier of choice for Tier 1 OEMs, their customer support and engineering expertise guide their customers through the electrification process for a sustainable world. Delta-Q, a ZAPI GROUP company, is headquartered in Vancouver, Canada. The company’s team and its distributors span five continents and service industries such as electric golf cars, lift trucks, aerial work platforms, e-mobility, floor care machines, utility/recreational vehicles, and new markets, like construction and outdoor power equipment. Please visit their website for news and resources at, or follow company updates on Twitter and LinkedIn for more information.

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