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Vancouver Sun Run: Delta-Q Technologies Champions Employee Health

Vancouver Sun Run: Delta-Q Technologies Champions Employee Health

Delta-Q Technologies is proud to have sponsored 35 of our staff in this year’s Vancouver Sun Run on April 24, 2024. We’re committed to the health and wellness of our amazing employees, and we’re happy that everyone who participated had such a positive, empowering experience.

This is not a first for the Delta-Q team. Our employees have participated in the Sun Run for many years in all spring weather conditions encountered in the Pacific Northwest. This year’s group included members from varied parts of our organization. They trained and ran together, in an effort to start (or maintain) their fitness journeys.

At Delta-Q, we aim to support all of our employees in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. And, judging by our racers’ testimonials, they’re having a great time doing it!

A Day of Fun in the Sun with Friends and Colleagues

For many team members, like System Test Engineer Suleman Khan, the best part of the race was getting a chance to bond with teammates and “enjoy time with them outside of the office.” The race offered that in spades, with countless vendors and 18 musical acts dotting the course.

Quality Engineer Ravinder Singh Rai loved “exploring Vancouver on foot in nice weather” alongside “running buddies”—coworkers, friends, and other fellow Vancouverites. And, of course, the fun always extends beyond the winding 10k of the run itself. For Lab Lead David Matilpi, a highlight was “hanging out with a big group of colleagues at the bar” afterward.

There were also about ~45,000 other participants. Some raced in costumes, which only added to the fun. For instance, one especially memorable moment for Shan Leung, Hardware Engineer II, was “seeing someone dancing in a unicorn costume about two-thirds of the way through.”

The Vancouver Sun Run is more than a health initiative; it’s also a community-building exercise.

Motivation to Live a Healthier Life Year-round

The sense of community generated is important not just for making everyone feel at home, but for motivating everyone involved to be better—healthier, happier—versions of themselves.

Deepak Gautam, Power Electronics Engineer, spoke about setting and meeting a target time for this year, mostly because of the work he put in leading up to the community event. And, looking ahead, he’s confident he can improve on his time for next year—if he keeps up the hard work long-term.

That drive comes in part from working together with teammates toward a common goal.

And Software Test Engineer Vaibhav Ojha noted that “Company sponsored events help Delta-Q employees feel a sense of community and collaboration since we motivate each other.” Ojha specified that, because of this, “The highlight of the run was the last uphill stretch where the bystanders were cheering on the runners.” In other words, the hardest part was the best.

It should go without saying, but the mentality of facing the toughest obstacle head-on yet feeling empowered is essential to a healthy lifestyle. It’s also excellent for productivity.

Building Bonds and Connections with Co-workers

The benefits from a program like this have implications beyond employees’ health. They also help foster connections within and across teams that are invaluable to company operations.

According to Naeen Merali, Software Automation Test Engineer II, “This event helped me connect with multiple people across departments which I do not usually interact with.” He continues: “I appreciate the company for helping foster a better team environment this way.”

Many of the employees who ran together also trained together, building bonds that will make them even better and more supportive team members. To that effect, Albert Chua, Demand Management Manager, remarked that participating in the race “helps us discover each other’s strengths and characters outside of work which will be beneficial in the long term.” 

What these stories attest to is the way that participating in this race with Delta-Q Technologies’ support has helped our employees become even more valuable, individually and together.


Vancouver SunRun 2024  Vancouver SunRun 2024  Vancouver SunRun 2024


Empowering Each Other to Cross the Finish Line

Ultimately, the 2024 Vancouver Sun Run was a rewarding experience for all who participated, and especially the representatives from Delta-Q. We’re proud of our team and hope to continue supporting their health and wellness journeys in future Sun Runs—and more.

Luiz Segundo, Agile Project Manager/Scrum Master, noted that a major highlight of the race for him was hearing “the cheers of the audience as we crossed the finish line.” Many others shared a similar experience, as finishing the race symbolized so much more than one 10K run. It’s the start—or a continuation—of a life-long journey towards community, health, and wellness.

The central philosophy at Delta-Q is “Doing the Right Thing.” That applies externally, to our work hastening the transition to efficient electric energy. But it starts internally, with our commitment to helping our employees lead healthy, fulfilling lives.




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