Sales Operations Team

Delta-Q has a dedicated OEM support services team that responds quickly to customers and works directly in the field. This team constantly monitors logistics performance metrics and identifies opportunities for efficiencies and superior customer support.

Transparency is a key driving force for our operations team. We practice proactive, not reactive, communication regarding delivery status, lead times, and all other factors that could impact a customer’s order. Quality products deserve quality delivery tracking, and our team is committed to providing that support.

Field Support Team

Our field support team are our engineering “boots on the ground” for customers. Keeping true to our hands-on approach at every level, this team works on-site with our customers to resolve issues at the source.

Our application engineers and support staff ensure your success by offering a wealth of knowledge; from on-the-line troubleshooting to practical guidance around configuration, setup and deployment.


We bring strategic leadership, strong relationships with our manufacturing partners, and an experienced team of supply chain and logistics professionals.

Short Lead Times

Technology moves quickly and our product deliverables have to match that pace while maintaining our high-quality standards.

Consolidated Distribution

Delta-Q products are housed in many distribution facilities worldwide, allowing us to disperse products on a global scale.

Dedicated Operations Support

We take the customer experience to a higher level with dedicated customer support teams in different operations disciplines.

Risk Mitigation

Inventory management programs, from warehousing to distribution partners, all service supply chain risk mitigation.

The Charged by Delta-Q program provides us with the opportunity to formalize what we have been doing and now promote it to a broader audience of potential partners and OEMs around the globe.

Fullriver has considered Delta-Q its most trusted charging partner for over a decade. There are really only a handful of charger that we can endorse and Delta-Q is definitely at the top of that list.

Together, we’ve provided OEMs with high quality, high-performance lithium-ion battery & charging solutions that are optimized for the application and operate harmoniously as a system.

U.S. Battery and Delta-Q have worked together for many years, helping customers get the most out of their deep-cycle batteries by recommending Delta-Q products and charging algorithms.

The Charged by Delta-Q program was a natural fit for us, and we are excited to join with Delta-Q in this effort. We are eager to continue to grow with Delta-Q and for the opportunity to provide great solutions to the industry that work with Delta-Q’s product line.

American Battery Solutions joined the Charged by Delta-Q program to ensure that our current & future partners can see our product showcase of integration with Delta-Q’s curated network of tested & compatible battery charging solutions.

Warehousing Locations

Strategically placed warehousing locations facilitate our inventory management programs. Building up our stock levels is a conscious choice that provides a buffer against supply chain disruptions or customer-specific constraints. We maintain these inventory thresholds to provide our customers with the best possible lead-times.

Everything we do is centered on quality and customer experience, even down to the choice of warehouse locations. We are always looking at ways to improve our responsiveness to your needs.


Delta-Q products are available at many distributors worldwide. Our team provides distribution options and works with customers to choose the best route based on lead time flexibility, demanding deadlines and cost considerations. This allows us to meet customers where they are, thereby optimizing transportation costs.

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