Our Mission

We believe the way of the future is electrification! Our mission at Delta-Q is to play an active role in powering that future through our revolutionary battery charging solutions. To us, “solutions” run parallel with sustainability by solving for the immediate and planning for the long-term.

We build active partnerships with our clients by investing our time and expertise into every facet of the process, from design conception to field deployment. We meet our clients at their level and operate from a place of collaboration and transparency. Our purpose is to build a sustainable future by powering electric drive equipment with our chargers. We take our charge seriously!

Our Values

“Doing the Right Thing” is the central philosophy at Delta-Q. Four simple words that sum up our values, and so much more about our company. It means doing the right thing for our employees, communities, and customers.


We are an engineering company. Our first product was a revolutionary innovation so we continue to improve our products and processes with every iteration and modification.


Even though we’ve grown, we still keep our entrepreneurial spirit. That means we push through adversity and don’t give up when it’s hard.


We are one team. Respectful, open and honest. We work hard to create great products that serve our customers by partnering with our suppliers and fostering our employees.

Driving Results

We are here to win. We work hard to deliver on our commitments.

Our History

Headquartered in Vancouver, Canada, Delta-Q’s engineering team and distribution span five continents to service industries such as electric golf cars, lift trucks, aerial work platforms, e-mobility, floor care machines, utility/recreational vehicles and new markets, like autonomous machines and mobile robots.

The Beginning

Delta-Q is founded in Vancouver, British Columbia with a total of four employees. All four shared the same vision: to make a better industrial battery charger.

First Commercial Product Launched

The “QuiQ Charger”, Delta-Q’s first commercial product, hits the market. The 1000 version is the first to launch in the QuiQ Series of chargers, with updated models rolling out up to 2015.

Moving Up

Delta-Q boasts $5M revenue this year and two successful products in their catalogue. The company grows to 35 employees at their headquarters, now in Burnaby, B.C.

IC Series Launched

Marking a new series of chargers, the IC Series launches to an enthusiastic reception. The IC Series chargers open up new client potential with automotive-grade reliability, USB programming and data retrieval, and CANbus control.

Acquired by ZAPI GROUP

Delta-Q is acquired by ZAPI Group, an internationally-recognized leader in the electrification field. Speaking on the acquisition, Delta-Q co-founder Ken Fielding commented, “As part of the ZAPI Group we look forward to continuing to drive our growth forward, leveraging their capabilities, complementary technologies, and global footprint.”

Launch of Charged by Delta-Q Compatibility Program

Delta-Q announces its launch of the “Charged By Delta-Q” compatibility program, created to give OEMs confidence that the battery and charger combination will provide their electric drive products with best-in-class performance, prolonged battery life and maximum uptime.

Why Delta-Q?

Delta-Q’s innovative power conversion solutions enable global equipment manufacturers to electrify commercial and industrial vehicles, generating jobs for a clean future. Every excavator, forklift, or delivery vehicle electrified can save the carbon equivalent of taking a passenger car off the road, with even greater benefits to urban noise and air quality. In partnership with CleanBC and the ARC program, we are further pushing the boundaries of power density to deliver higher-performing on-board battery chargers.


We are part of the ZAPI GROUP of companies, a global leader in motion control, battery charging and autonomous navigation software for electric and hybrid drive systems. As a full-solution supplier, the ZAPI GROUP can support every component OEMs need to design effective electric vehicles that meet cost goals and comply with tightening environmental standards.

Meet our Leadership

Our executive team sees the big picture without losing sight of the small stuff. Our leadership is driven by the same passion today that inspired our first product launch over 23 years ago.

Charged by Delta-Q

In 2021, we launched the “Charged by Delta-Q” initiative with 9 partners. This partner program allows battery partners to conduct iterative testing validation and combine marketing efforts with Delta-Q. It offers global OEMs access to a curated network of existing and compatible battery and charging solutions. In 2022, we expanded to 13 partners.


At Delta-Q, we understand that the key to success is working closely with our engineers and manufacturing partners to constantly improve our products and processes. Through years of steadfast partnership, we have curated a strong supply chain with a full global reach.


Our experienced team of supply chain professionals maintains strong relationships with our manufacturing partners and our dedicated customer support teams. Their focus is on providing cutting edge technology solutions to shorten lead times, dispersing products on a global scale, and addressing supply chain risk mitigation.


As the supplier of choice for Tier 1 OEMs, we use our values, perseverance, and engineering expertise to guide our customers through the electrification process for a sustainable world.

People & Culture

Our company culture is electric – we operate with a high level of energy and love what we do! Like our products, we work smarter, re-charging when needed, so we can offer our best to every project.