Sustainability in Numbers

From product designs to our manufacturing processes, sustainability is a value embraced throughout Delta-Q’s culture. We aim to electrify applications that offer a better long-term solution for cost of ownership, service life and the environment.


Metric Ton

of emissions saved per Delta-Q charger



in electric vehicles as of May 2022



of Delta-Q chargers

meet the California Energy Commission (CEC) standards




grant received in 2022

Electrifying the Construction Industry

Extreme environments, remote locations, and heavy usage cycles all converge in the construction industry. For an industry historically powered by fossil fuels, the switch to electrification was seen by many to be an insurmountable undertaking.

Through innovative engineering and rigorous testing at our in-house battery labs, Delta-Q has become a leader in the movement to electrify fossil-fuel-dependent industries like construction. Cost reductions and increased efficiencies are opening the door for companies to electrify their fleets. From densely populated city sites to rural, remote regions, Delta-Q continues to provide charging solutions for individual OEM needs.

Energy Efficiency in Material Handling

Many countries have implemented strict regulations on equipment manufacturers to address inefficient machinery operations in response to the ongoing climate crisis. While the goal is valiant, these requirements and policies put immense pressure on manufacturers to either eliminate inefficiencies or risk loss of distribution.

We often meet clients at this high-pressure juncture. Delta-Q takes on the role of elevating the efficiencies within a project by tailoring the charging solution to the needs of the deployment environment. This requires an understanding of global policies and the battery chemistry. For this reason, we have a dedicated compliance team whose primary objective is to keep current with all regulatory changes so that each project complies with the applicable policies.

Maximizing Battery Performance

A battery alone is just one piece of an OEM’s machinery puzzle. A battery’s success depends entirely on the quality and compatibility of its accompanying charger. Delta-Q goes a step further by developing detailed charge algorithms to maximize battery performance.

We create “charge profiles” for each battery based on the battery manufacturer’s recommendations, OEM requirements and our team’s deep understanding of battery chemistry. Our battery testing lab includes 20 test channels and a temperature chamber to simulate charging in various ambient environments. The extensive testing behind each charge profile contributes directly to each battery’s efficiency and life cycle.

Sustainability at Home

Our commitment to sustainability goes beyond the lab and the manufacturing floor. Our company culture is steeped in an awareness of our planet’s energy challenges and a subsequent desire to be part of the solution. We do not use conflict minerals/metals to formulate any our products and those substances are not known to be present in any of the raw materials we use to make our products.

True to our work in the electric vehicle field, we provide EV charging stations for our employees at our headquarters. In the past, our employees supported active composting programs, which helped to divert hundreds of gallons from landfills. In 2019, six percent of our employees drove electric vehicles to work, while 14 percent either walked, biked, or used public transportation. Of course, since then, we have embraced the hybrid workweek with the added bonus of reducing emissions with less commuting.

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