The following list of products and patents may not be inclusive as additional patents may be pending in the United States and elsewhere, or one or more patents may protect other Delta-Q Technologies products not listed here. In addition, Delta-Q Technologies products often include designs or other features that may be the subject of trade dress and other types of intellectual property protection. The absence of a product from this list does not constitute a waiver of Delta-Q Technologies’ trade dress or other intellectual property rights concerning that product.

IC Series:  IC650, IC900, IC1200

Model:  IC0650-***, IC0900-***, IC1200-***

The following patents apply to this product:  U.S. D703,132, D806,647, D829,649, D796,431, D828,294, Canada design nos. 145017, 166700, 165660, 170147, European Union design nos. 002107193-0001, 002975508-0001/0002, 002904888-0001/0002, China design nos. ZL201230458819.4, ZL201630043275.3, ZL201530517628.4.

RC and ICL Series:  RC900, RC1000, RC1200, ICL900, ICL1200, ICL1500

Model:  RC0900-***, RC1000-***, RC1200-***, ICL0900-***, ICL1200-****, ICL1500-****

The following patents apply to this product:  U.S. D854,497, D884,612, D815,592, D853,956, Canada design nos. 17511, 171305, 171317, 171320, European Union design nos. 004012581-0001/0002, 003447382-0001/0002/0003, China design no. ZL201630546773.X.


Model:  RQ0350-***

The following patents apply to this product:  European Union design nos. 008213565-0001/0002, China design no. ZL202030656914.X, India design no. 334682-001, U.S. pending application 29/733,626.


Model:  XV3300-****

The following patents apply to this product:  U.S. patent no. 10,720,787, European Union design nos. 008781967-0001/0002/0003/0004, U.S. pending applications 29/786,542, 29/817,106, China pending design no. 202130793234.7, India pending design no. 354060-001.

Other patents

U.S. patent nos. 9,490,694, 10,879,813, UK patent nos. GB2579126, GB2597118, US pending app.