Selecting the Right Battery Charger

Don’t let charger selection be an afterthought! Battery chargers play a significant role in an application’s long-term success, and choosing the right battery charger can maximize uptime, improve product reliability, and reduce the total cost of ownership.

Why Delta-Q? We are more than a charger supplier – we are your long-term trusted power solutions partner! We offer charging solutions for lead-acid and lithium batteries and partner with leading battery and BMS manufacturers to develop, test and validate custom charging algorithms for enhanced performance and safer charging. Our products are tested for harsh applications to avoid charging failure, and our charging software is robustly developed to recognize potential charging hazards.

Benefits of Delta-Q’s Charging Solutions

Original equipment manufacturers can minimize the risk of premature battery and charging failure, reduce the total cost of ownership and maximize machine uptime with Delta-Q’s charging solutions. Below are the standard features and benefits of all Delta-Q products.

High Reliability

Manufactured in a world-class LEAN production facility, Delta-Q chargers are validated for an 8-year design life and tested for worst-case operating conditions.

Sealed and Rugged

Constructed with a fully sealed, IP66 rated aluminum die-cast enclosure, all Delta-Q chargers are tested to GMW3172, General Motors’ automotive standard, for extreme shock, bump, vibration, humidity, and temperature cycling at an automotive-grade level.

Charge Quality

Select from an extensive library of 200+ charging profiles developed in Delta-Q’s battery lab for leading lithium and lead-acid battery brands and models to optimize charge time, battery life and application requirements.

Global Standard Compliance

Delta-Q products comply with North American and European safety and EMC standards (FCC-B and UNECE R10) and touch-safe voltage regulations, allowing easy integration into electric vehicles.

CAN bus Communication

Use CANopen and J1939 protocols to interact with vehicles, telematics and lithium BMS, update charger software, load charging profiles, and download charge tracking and diagnostic information.

Global and Efficient

Delta-Q chargers have a wide AC input voltage range and can operate on any single-phase grid worldwide, meet global energy efficiency standards (i.e. CEC, DOE, and NRCAN) and have high-efficiency performance enabling electricity savings and shorter charge times.

Ease of Integration

Flexible connectivity and software configurability speed up the integration and configuration of battery chargers for batch production and aftermarket solutions.

One Charger

Customers can upload up to 25 charge algorithms for lead-acid or lithium batteries on Delta-Q chargers, and active algorithms can be selected with push-button or CAN bus.

Delta-Q’s Product Suite

Delta-Q helps guide many of the world’s leading original equipment manufacturers through the electrification process. We have developed many lead-acid and lithium battery charging solutions with our customer’s needs in mind, so they can build an electric drive product with better flexibility and longevity.

IC Series

The IC Series are compact, flexible, user-friendly industrial chargers that optimally charge lead-acid (wet, AGM, gel) and lithium battery packs to provide the best performance for the intended application​.

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XV Series

The XV Series is the first-in-class, 3-in-1 mid-power charging system. It is compact, scalable and reliable – an ideal charging solution for powertrain electrification! 

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RC Series

The RC Series are compact, IP66 sealed, lightweight, flexible, reliable charging solution for all lead-acid and lithium batteries​.

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RQ Series

The RQ Series is a high-quality, compact and fully-sealed charger that is redefining quality expectations and customer experience in the low-power battery charger market.

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ICL Series

The ICL Series are reliable, compact, rugged, automotive grade chargers that are enhanced to charge 9S to 34S lithium battery packs optimizing battery life and application performance. ​

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QuiQ Series

The QuiQ Series is one of the few chargers on the market that support higher lead-acid battery pack voltages of 72V and is an ideal charging solution for lead-acid batteries.

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