Delta-Q Technologies introduces electric burden carrier / utility vehicle charger at ProMat 2015

Delta-Q Technologies introduces electric burden carrier / utility vehicle charger at ProMat 2015

Delta-Q Technologies introduces electric burden carrier / utility vehicle charger at ProMat 2015

BURNABY, BC, CANADA, Mar. 5, 2015 – Delta-Q Technologies, a leader in battery charging solutions for electric drive vehicles and industrial machines, today announced its exhibition plans for ProMat 2015. The company will introduce the Delta-Q QuiQ 1500 Battery Charger for electric burden carriers and utility vehicles, and provide fitment and integration demonstrations for the Delta-Q IC650 Charger in Class 3 lift truck designs.

Delta-Q will display Class 3 pallet truck battery trays from leading battery manufacturers that rely on the IC650 Charger as an on-board charging solution.  Visitors can see the fitment of the compact IC650 and learn how to better integrate an on-board charger into their electric lift truck designs. Delta-Q’s experts will also provide demonstrations of the CAN bus communication features of the IC650. CAN bus integration between the charger and other components, such as battery management systems or motor controllers, provide superior machine diagnostics and servicing, and the safe use of lithium batteries.

Later in 2015, Delta-Q will introduce the next IC Series charger, broadening its offering for on-board lift truck chargers to categories such as ride-on pallet jacks. Lift truck manufacturers are invited to booth 4812 to discuss how future Delta-Q products could fit their product roadmap.

Original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) choose the IC650 Charger because of its durability for on-board applications. When mounted on-board, the sealed IC650 can tolerate vibration, shock, dirt and fluids, and has been tested to meet an expected 8-year service life. For users, that equates to high machine readiness and uptime, and lower charger replacement costs. Each IC650 Charger comes with pre-loaded battery charging profiles built for the leading battery brands and models, with the profiles undergoing extensive testing to ensure battery performance and longevity. An on-board charger provides the convenience of plugging a machine into the nearest electrical outlet.

The QuiQ 1500 is a higher power version of the original QuiQ 1000 that is found in many electric utility vehicles used in material handling. The QuiQ 1500 allows users to charge existing battery packs up to 30 percent faster than the QuiQ 1000 or equip machines with a bigger pack and still meet a 5- or 8-hour charging time requirement. The QuiQ 1500’s compact design matches the exact dimensions and mounting configuration of the existing QuiQ 1000, allowing swift replacement of any existing QuiQ charger. With a standard North American 110V AC power source, the QuiQ 1500 provides 1200 watts of output power, and at 220 or 230 VAC, 1500 watts of output power. The new charger will be available in 48V and 72V models. Sample units will be available in April 2015, with full production beginning in June 2015.

Delta-Q customers exhibiting at ProMat 2015 include Clark Material Handling Company
(2012), Columbia Par Car Corp. (1581), Cushman (2355), EnerSys (603), GNB Industrial Power (2341), Hawker (2327), Taylor –Dunn (1576), and Wesley International (1568).

Visit booth 4812 to see Delta-Q’s new products and talk to our charging experts.

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