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The “Charged by Delta-Q” program was created to build a community for OEMs, battery and BMS manufacturers and facilitate innovation and collaboration among the electric battery, charging and equipment sectors. Partnering with industry-leading battery and battery management systems (BMS) companies will help OEMs reduce the technical risk and time spent researching and testing batteries and chargers to find compatible electric power systems. All battery companies that are part of this program have had their optimized products iteratively tested and validated with Delta-Q chargers. 

We are excited to have Idneo be a part of the launch of our program and bring optimized and compatible solutions to the marketplace alongside Delta-Q. To help our customers and audience learn more about Idneo and their participation in the Charged by Delta-Q program, we interviewed Antonio Mollfulleda San Julian, Industrial BU Technical Manager at Idneo.

What industries does Idneo cater to?

Antonio Mollfulleda San Julian: Idneo is composed of 4 bussines units

  • Automotive: Automotive Technology provider as Tier 1

  • Medtech: Provides suport Patient diagnostics & monitoring solutions

  • Industrial: Provides engineering services in the frame of power solutions, Internet of the Things and Industry 4.0.

  • Nextium: Provides connectivity and in-cabin sensing & biometrics solutions

Why did Idneo join the Charged by Delta-Q program, and what excites them the most about the program?

Antonio Mollfulleda San Julian: Idneo has developed a customizable and programmable Battery Management System (BMS) light electric vehicles. Delta-Q is one of the world leaders in battery chargers and is of IDNEO interest the perfect matching between the BMS.

In addition, Idneo is aimed to promote a future collaboration with Delta-Q for the development of specific and innovative interaction between the chargers and the BMS to reach a next level of optimization of battery lifetime and performance.

What products are Idneo featuring as part of the Charged by Delta-Q program?

Antonio Mollfulleda San Julian: Idneo is featuring the SMART BMS, a battery management system for battery packs of up to 4KWh with a flexible design to meet the needs of AGVs, micro-mobility and industrial solutions.

What makes Idneo stand apart as a battery manufacturer?

Antonio Mollfulleda San Julian: Idneo is a global engineering company providing the full value chain to create innovative and technological products & services to support our customers to differentiate and step-up their products line-up.

We provide technology product development, validation and manufacturing services to customers worldwide.

What are the key benefits that OEMs will get by working with Idneo and the Charged by Delta-Q program?

Antonio Mollfulleda San Julian: The SMART BMS can be customized for a wide range of applications with voltage below 60V and power requirements. The main customizable services related to the SMART BMS are:

  1. Form factor & dimensions

  2. Power limits and Safety limits: cost-optimized design for a particular power range

  3. Open Firmware framework: Smart BMS provides a firmware framework with open API to allow customers develop their own functionalities to optimize each specific application. This includes specific interaction with Delta-Q chargers to optimize the battery management.

  4. Communication & Interfaces: Custom interface with Delta-Q battery charger. The BMs communication can be adapted to any connector interface and protocol: CANOpen, RS-485 (MODBUS), USB, WiFi, BLE, PWM, GPIO.

  5. Auxiliary I/O: Custom I/O interface for specific interaction to other elements of the battery ecosystem (Heater, fan, indicators, …)

What market trends are Idneo most excited about, and what is the company doing to help OEMs?

Antonio Mollfulleda San Julian: IDNEO is mostly interested in light electric vehicles, from eBikes, scooters to light automatic guided vehicles.

IDNEO is developing a reference BMS costly optimized to each end application.

In addition, Idneo is involved in a research project targeting high-performance State of Charge and State of Health algorithms. The objective of this activity is to guarantee accurate results estimation along thousands of charge/discharge cycles between 20% and 80% of the capacity.

About Idneo

At Idneo, we support our clients in transforming their businesses by integrating innovative and customized technology solutions. Idneo Technologies is a comprehensive technology services company specialized in the design, development, certification and manufacturing of value-added technology products or services. Our highly qualified and client-focused team of over 550 professionals has extensive experience in our target markets, consolidating our position as a benchmark engineering and manufacturing partner in the mobility, medtech and industrial markets, providing global services to multiple companies around the world.

About Delta-Q Technologies

Delta-Q Technologies is charging the future and driving the world’s transition into electric energy! We collaboratively design, test, and manufacture robust battery chargers, that improve the performance of our customer’s electric drive vehicles and industrial machines. As the supplier of choice for Tier 1 OEMs, we use our values, perseverance, and engineering expertise to guide our customers through the electrification process for a sustainable world.

We are part of the Zapi Group of companies and headquartered in Vancouver, Canada. Delta-Q’s team and distribution spans across five continents to service industries such as electric golf cars, lift trucks, aerial work platforms, e-mobility, floor care machines, utility/recreational vehicles, and new markets, like outdoor power equipment.

Written By:

Akanksha Kapil

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