Charged by Delta-Q Feature: AllCell Technologies

The “Charged by Delta-Q” program was created to build a community for OEMs, battery and BMS manufacturers and facilitate innovation and collaboration among the electric battery, charging and equipment sectors. Partnering with industry-leading battery and battery management systems (BMS) companies will help OEMs reduce the technical risk and time spent researching and testing batteries and chargers to find compatible electric power systems. All battery companies that are part of this program have had their optimized products iteratively tested and validated with Delta-Q chargers. 

We are excited to have AllCell Technologies be a part of the launch of our program and bring optimized and compatible solutions to the marketplace alongside Delta-Q. To help our customers and audience learn more about AllCell Technologies and their participation in the Charged by Delta-Q program, we interviewed Panos Prezas, Vice President of Business Development.

What industries does AllCell Technologies cater to?

Panos Prezas: AllCell provides the highest value lithium-ion battery solutions to various markets, focusing on safety and performance. Some of the industries we serve include aerospace and defense, autonomous vehicles, auxiliary automotive, marine, material handling, mobility, robotics, recreational EVs, telecoms, and smart grid applications. 

Why did AllCell Technologies join the Charged by Delta-Q program, and what excites them the most about the program?

Panos Prezas: The partnership with Delta-Q showcases AllCell to OEM’s that we have not previously worked with. It ultimately helps AllCell introduce our PCC™ technology as one of the safest and most effective passive thermal management solutions on the market. We are very excited to work alongside OEMs to develop and manufacture custom solutions for unique high-powered applications. 

What products are AllCell Technologies featuring as part of the Charged by Delta-Q program?

Panos Prezas: AllCell is featuring custom lithium-ion batteries that can be configured for a wide range of applications. Each battery is integrated with our patented PCC™ technology, preventing thermal runaway propagation, enabling higher power use, and extending battery cycle-life.

What makes AllCell Technologies stand apart as a battery manufacturer?

Panos Prezas: What makes AllCell special is our patented Phase Change Composite (PCC™) technology. This lightweight phase change composite material surrounds each lithium-ion cell, preventing thermal runaway propagation and enhancing battery life cycle and performance. AllCell is in a rapid growth phase, and our primary focus is on scale and mass-production capabilities. Exciting new production processes and capabilities enable this scale.

What are the key benefits that OEMs will get by working with AllCell Technologies and the Charged by Delta-Q program?

Panos Prezas: The purpose of this program is to connect OEMs to the best possible battery manufacturer to meet their specific needs. AllCell has a unique position in this program as a lithium-ion battery manufacturing company specializing in safer, high-performance, customized lithium-ion battery solutions. We seek partnerships with customers where the value we add enables capturing additional market share or empowers entering new markets. The ability to manufacture custom battery packs (each with AllCell PCC™) efficiently and with competitive pricing is another key benefit to OEMs. 

What market trends are AllCell Technologies most excited about, and what is the company doing to help OEM’s?

Panos Prezas: AllCell is very excited to provide safe, quality products as industries shift from legacy systems and lead-acid batteries to safe lithium-ion battery solutions. At AllCell, this is an exciting trend since we can deliver powerful lithium-ion batteries with a specialty in product safety. Additionally, lightweight batteries that can operate at higher power for longer enable new applications in robotics, commercial drones, and recreational and marine EVs. Empowering growth in such new markets is a major focus of ours.  

What is the most interesting project that AllCell Technologies has worked on recently?

Panos Prezas: A recent exciting project involved a recreational marine application where our customer needed continuous high power in a lightweight package, which required the clever integration of PCC™. We are also currently developing solutions for electric aircraft, where lightweight thermal management enabling high power and high energy is a must. Additionally, our smart, fast charge technology reduces downtime, improving the economics of such applications. In emerging markets with a steep growth curve, these value propositions of our unique solutions are why we’re excited about our work!  

About AllCell Technologies

AllCell Technologies ( designs and manufactures lithium-ion battery packs for transportation and renewable energy applications. The company’s patented PCC™ thermal management technology allows production of compact, lightweight, and long-lasting batteries. AllCell’s PCC material is based on the use of phase change materials to surround each lithium-ion cell, absorbing and conducting heat away to dramatically extend the life of the cells and prevent fire or damage to the battery. AllCell’s products avoid the need for expensive, complicated, and inefficient active thermal management systems, replacing pumps, motors, and hoses with an elegant passive system that requires no energy to operate and has no moving parts.

About Delta-Q Technologies

Delta-Q Technologies is charging the future and driving the world’s transition into electric energy! We collaboratively design, test, and manufacture robust battery chargers, that improve the performance of our customer’s electric drive vehicles and industrial machines. As the supplier of choice for Tier 1 OEMs, we use our values, perseverance, and engineering expertise to guide our customers through the electrification process for a sustainable world.

We are part of the Zapi Group of companies and headquartered in Vancouver, Canada. Delta-Q’s team and distribution spans across five continents to service industries such as electric golf cars, lift trucks, aerial work platforms, e-mobility, floor care machines, utility/recreational vehicles, and new markets, like outdoor power equipment.

Written By:

Akanksha Kapil

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