and Challenges

What challenges do your vehicle or machine electrification projects face? Project teams encounter many challenges meeting ambitious specifications for performance, reliability, efficiency and cost of ownership. Partnering with Delta-Q can help you overcome these challenges and fast-tracking product development and commercialization.

Products that drive differentiation

Selecting the right charging solution from the right supplier creates stand-out electrified products, featuring the performance and value that end-users recognize and demand.

Designed to meet strict specifications

Delta-Q’s charging solutions are the product of a rigorous design, fabrication and testing process that satisfy our customers’ electro-mechanical, performance and safety specifications, while excelling in the harsh operating conditions encountered in daily field operation.

Reliable and scalable delivery

With 25+ years of experience supplying high-volume productions to leading electric vehicle OEMs globally, our Lean manufacturing processes allow us to offer scalability and reliability for your projects.


Delta-Q’s engineering innovation, quality and product performance for leading OEMs have established us as the leading supplier of advanced battery chargers enabling the global movement toward electrification.


A Global Strategic Partner

We understand that the needs of our OEM partners and customers are constantly evolving, and we’ve built our organization to be flexible and nimble enough to meet those changing needs. Whether it’s developing new products to meet the latest regulations or streamlining our supply chain to improve delivery times, we’re always looking for ways to better serve our customers.

Scope and Experience

Delta-Q is a key OEM partner with over 25 years of expertise in guiding our customers through the electrification process for a sustainable world.



On the field, displacing internal combustion engines


Metric Tons

Of carbon emissions saved annually


OEM Customers

From electric carts to mobile robots


Battery Partners

Compatible with our charging solutions

Our Clients

We proudly serve the most prominent OEMs that lead electrification in their industries. From entrenched market leaders to visionary start-ups, our customers only source the most reliable and high performing components.

“The Charged by Delta-Q program provides us with the opportunity to formalize what we have been doing and now promote it to a broader audience of potential partners and OEMs around the globe.”

Derek Pettingale, Discover Battery

“Fullriver has considered Delta-Q its most trusted charging partner for over a decade. There are really only a handful of charger that we can endorse and Delta-Q is definitely at the top of that list.”

Aaron Plew, Fullriver Battery

“Together, we’ve provided OEMs with high quality, high-performance lithium-ion battery & charging solutions that are optimized for the application and operate harmoniously as a system.”

Phu Tran, Inventus Power

“U.S. Battery and Delta-Q have worked together for many years, helping customers get the most out of their deep-cycle batteries by recommending Delta-Q products and charging algorithms.”

Donald Wallace, U.S. Battery Manufacturing

“The Charged by Delta-Q program was a natural fit for us, and we are excited to join with Delta-Q in this effort. We are eager to continue to grow with Delta-Q and for the opportunity to provide great solutions to the industry that work with Delta-Q’s product line.”

Trevor Steele, Stafl Systems

The Right Charger Has a Big Impact

Battery chargers play a significant role in the lifespan of your electric vehicle! Selecting the right battery charger can maximize uptime, improve product reliability, and reduce the total cost of ownership. Delta-Q is more than a charger supplier – we are your trusted charging solutions partner!

Charged By Delta-Q logo

Charged by Delta-Q

The Charged by Delta-Q program is a partnership with leading battery manufacturers, aimed at providing OEMs with the optimal, validated battery and charger pairings to suit their application needs.


Building a Greener Future

Delta-Q is committed to sustainable practices, both in our product designs and in our company culture. We believe that electric vehicles have a crucial role to play in combating climate change, and we are dedicated to developing charging solutions that will help make this transition possible on a global scale. Our goal is to create a positive ripple effect for a cleaner future while making a difference in the lives of the people and communities around us.

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