IC Series Chargers nominated for BCTIA “Excellence in Product Innovation” Award

The commercial success of Delta-Q’s IC Series Chargers has resulted in a nomination for the B.C. Technology Industry Association “Excellence in Product Innovation” award. This nomination recognizes that Delta-Q has a unique product that clearly demonstrates a next-stage development in technology.

The award winner will be named at the TIAs, taking place on June 4 at the Vancouver Convention Centre. The TIAs are an annual celebration of the growth of the technology industry in British Columbia. Delta-Q is looking forward to celebrating with its fellow category nominees iQmetrix, Tantalus Systems Corp., and SunCentral, and all of the other nominated companies at the awards dinner.

 Delta Q’s disruptive new approach to designing and creating reliable and high-efficiency chargers has led to the robust, dependable, compact, light, and cost effective IC Series Chargers. Our technology platform enables our battery chargers to operate at different power levels for the global industrial electric vehicle market and survive in harsh automotive-like on-board environments. We are thrilled that Delta Q Technologies has been nominated for this award!

Delta-Q BCTIA Award

Delta-Q’s previous BCTIA Award, given in 2006 for “Emerging Company.”

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Written By:

Akanksha Kapil

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