Delta-Q Technologies Provides Insights and Guidance Into Upcoming CEC Energy Efficiency Regulations For Industrial Battery Chargers

VANCOUVER, B.C., — Delta-Q Technologies, a leader in battery charging solutions for electric drive vehicles and industrial machines, announces the release of their on-demand webinar about the upcoming California Energy Commission (CEC) regulations on battery chargers

Organizations will learn about the regulations affecting all battery chargers used in a non-consumer application with an output power level of less than two kilowatts (<2kW).  This will affect markets such as floor care machines, lift trucks, aerial work platforms, e-mobility vehicles, and more.

This webinar was produced to help OEMs and distributors understand the impact of these regulations on electric products sold and manufactured in North America. “Having gone through the compliance process, Delta-Q aims to help OEMs and distributors make informed decisions that will help their organization as they get ready for CEC’s January 1, 2017 deadline,” says Lloyd Gomm, vice president of business development.

The CEC’s objective is to reduce the energy loss that is wasted from inefficient charging practices. CEC estimates that approximately 2200 hours will be saved each year from their program, which is enough to power up to 350 000 homes. It is an important issue that OEMs and distributors should expect to see expand to a national level.

Delta-Q’s on-demand webinar is available online here:

The webinar will cover best practices on preparing for compliance, examples of non-compliant products and their consequences, and information organizations can use to stay ahead of the curve; minimizing disruptions to their supply chain.

Delta-Q Technologies’ battery lab is an accredited California Energy Commission standards testing facility. All Delta-Q industrial battery chargers are CEC compliant and are built for reliability, charge quality and ease of integration.  For more information about Delta-Q IC and QuiQ Series chargers, visit

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