Product Validation Testing

The Delta-Q team works closely with our battery partners and OEM customers to develop charging solutions that are designed and tested for maximum reliability in the harshest environments. Our product validation methods include a range of mechanical and thermal tests. They determine how shock and vibration impact the performance and robustness of the chargers’ electrical and mechanical components and if they can operate after prolonged exposure to various temperatures.

Our mechanical test suites are designed based on published protocols and standards, including the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) test methods and GMW3172, an automotive standard created by General Motors. These tests assess our product’s ability to withstand extreme shock, bump, vibration, humidity, and temperature cycling at an automotive-grade level, which accelerates the aging of the chargers to prove that they will meet the design life objectives.

Charge Profile Testing

Creating a charge algorithm is not as easy as programming a few parameters and releasing the profile for use. Charge algorithms must be rigorously tested!

Working with battery manufacturers and our OEM customers, our charge profiles are tested on sample battery packs to determine their effectiveness. These tests are done to confirm the appropriate amount of energy is returned to the pack, and that the charging process terminates at the correct point.

Efficiency Testing

Power conversion efficiency is a critical performance attribute for all Delta-Q chargers. Reducing heat waste from a charger’s components enables more compact, sealed designs that fit better in machines and last longer in harsh environments.

Recently, efficiency regulations, such as those from the California Energy Commission (CEC), are beginning to include industrial battery chargers. Our battery chargers and charge algorithms are rigorously tested in our accredited battery lab to ensure they meet energy efficiency standards worldwide.

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Charging Solutions

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