Dedicated Teams for OEMs

Delta-Q employs a dedicated team of account managers and sales application engineers who make sure you are supported locally. We work with you to problem-solve and understand the integration of electric drive components so that you can build an electric solution with more flexibility and longevity.

Over half of our team is made up of electrical, embedded software, and program engineers that work for our customers. They can help you come up with a charger configuration and integration solution, train your staff and service group or assist with any field issues.

Product Customizations

Our team works with you at every step to understand your product needs. We can help you build a charging solution with an exact match between application needs, state-of-the-art power electronics and embedded software.

By working with Delta-Q, you will make your own design choices, including connector systems, charging profiles and software programming, to support machine features, system reliability and safety. And based on your design requirements, our electrical, embedded software, and program engineers will develop the custom charging solution.

Customer Support

Delta-Q is committed to going above and beyond to be your trusted power solutions partner. Our customer support team is dedicated to help you with after-sales support and have the knowledge, expertise, and commitment to help you every step of the way.

Our team has a quick response time and are prepared to work directly in the field or train your staff and service group. We also have a dedicated customer support page that is regularly updated and designed to be your comprehensive guide on troubleshooting information, battery settings, algorithms, and all other relevant documentation.

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Charging Solutions

Looking for a battery charging solution? Delta-Q develops lead-acid and lithium battery charging solutions with your needs in mind so that you can build an electric drive product with better flexibility and longevity.