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Beyond the Warehouse – How Modern Chargers Affect Environmental Impact

Beyond the Warehouse – How Modern Chargers Affect Environmental Impact

In a previous post, we looked at the crucial role of lift truck battery chargers in the vehicle system. The article provided insight into the benefits of these chargers and why charger selection should not be an afterthought.

While reliable and durable “smart” chargers have become one of the primary ways that OEMs can differentiate their products from competitors’ offerings, charger manufacturers can provide numerous other benefits to OEMs. These include helping manufacturers comply with safety and sustainability regulations in their industry.

Environmental issues caused by climate change have become a top priority for many countries in Europe and around the world. As a result, governments have imposed specific regulations to reduce emissions and mitigate environmental impact. OEMs are now expected to produce environmentally-friendly material handling equipment. 

In part two of this article series, we will help OEMs understand how charger manufacturers can help them offer more environmentally friendly products to their customers.

Finding a Strategic Partner to Meet Climate Change Goals

As the material handling industry moves in a more sustainable and environmentally-friendly direction, choosing a charger supplier that aligns with those goals is vitally important. 

Selecting a strategic partner that helps navigate and overcome heightened operating demands and evolving regulations is crucial. While the right charger can make a difference when it comes to equipment lifespan, it can also impact sustainability. Below are three benefits OEMs can gain from partnering with a charging company that:

  • designs reliable products without compromising on quality,
  • consistently refines product design to be more energy-efficient, and
  • monitors and complies with regulations that impact their charger or the OEM’s product.

Benefit 1: Making a Sustainable Choice

As you read in the previous article, chargers are not just a commodity. A good battery charger can help OEMs deliver real value to their end-users.

A well-designed charger system extends battery life, maximizes machine uptime, and reduces the total cost of ownership. A robust, high-quality charger is a more sustainable choice because it eliminates battery, charger and other system waste. It helps improve the quality and efficiency of your machine and encourages corporate social responsibility practices. In the long run, a quality charger can save you money, improve your company’s brand reputation and keep your customers happy.

Delta-Q chargers are sealed and robust – tested to handle shocks of up to 100G and vibrations of up to 5G. Combining to power Delta-Q’s “G-Force,” this robustness enables our chargers to withstand tough material handling environments. Our chargers can charge both lead-acid and lithium-ion battery chemistries, providing flexibility and future-proofing vehicle design. Safe and reliable charging allows OEMs to develop a quality product and empowers their end-users with a truly durable solution. 

Benefit 2: Charging for Environmental Impact

When designing environmentally sustainable lift trucks, all components need to be energy efficient, including the battery chargers. Less waste heat coming from a charger’s components allows the charger to be smaller, fit better into machines and last longer in difficult environments.

Delta-Q places great importance on power conversion efficiency. We continue to refine our charger designs to create more reliable and energy-efficient chargers. With many of the chargers on the market specifying 90% energy efficiency, Delta-Q chargers rank higher with over 93% energy efficiency. This is not only more environmentally sustainable but also lowers electricity costs for the end-user.

Currently, over three million electric vehicles and machines use Delta-Q’s chargers, with each charger reducing carbon emission worldwide.

Benefit 3: Regulatory Compliance and Education

As countries around Europe and the world seek to become more environmentally responsible, new regulations and standards are being put in place that are forcing industry transformations. In the face of these changes, OEMs are under pressure to design solutions that will meet these criteria, while also improving the productivity and output that their customers demand. Partnering with the right charger manufacturer can benefit the OEM and help them achieve these heightened regulations.

Chargers must comply with safety, emissions, efficiency and immunity regulations in Europe and around the world. Failure to comply can result in the OEMs having to pay hefty fines or lose the ability to manufacture, advertise or export their products into certain countries. Charger manufacturers that stay abreast of these industry regulations, and ensure their products comply, can help OEMs stay agile and resilient against future changes. OEMs can stay ahead of their competitors while creating environmentally sustainable material handling equipment.

At Delta-Q, we believe in the future of green tech and remain committed to partnering with OEMs to help achieve these heightened regulatory standards. Our regulatory team is dedicated to monitoring and complying with any new and upcoming regulations in Europe and around the world. The team also tracks regulatory developments that may impact our customers and notifies them so they can take the necessary actions to comply. In addition, our team is available to help further educate or support our customers if needed.

Delivering Extraordinary Customer Experiences

With over 20 years of experience creating battery charging solutions, Delta-Q has helped many tier-one OEMs in golf, utility, construction, material handling, and outdoor power equipment reduce their carbon footprint. We are more than just a charger supplier to our customers. Delta-Q is a family of experts that are adept at going beyond the sale and engaging with customers to create an ongoing partnership.

Delta-Q is pleased to help OEMs reach their goals to deliver more environmentally-friendly equipment and vehicles. As OEMs are designing their next generation of green equipment, they should bear in mind that battery chargers have the power to drive significant environmental impact. OEMs looking to deepen their commitment to sustainability should consider taking a comprehensive approach to chargers and can count on Delta-Q as a partner in these efforts.

For more information on Delta-Q’s battery charging solutions for the lift truck market, download our infographic below.
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