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Q&A With BC Children’s Hospital Foundation and Delta-Q Technologies

Q&A With BC Children’s Hospital Foundation and Delta-Q Technologies

At Delta-Q Technologies (Delta-Q), we always find ways to give back to our community and support initiatives close to our employees’ hearts. Throughout the years, Delta-Q has been an active supporter of the BC Children’s Hospital Foundation. Recently, we gave a generous gift to the hospital, which helps experts drive real change in children’s health, leading to life-changing advances that would not otherwise happen.

We interviewed Jassie Virk, Philanthropy Assistant at BC Children’s Hospital Foundation, and Max Baessato, People and Culture Manager at Delta-Q, to learn more about the BC Children’s Hospital Foundation, the impact Delta-Q’s donations have on the hospital and why we have been a long-standing supporter of this foundation.

Can you share more about BC Children’s Hospital Foundation and its goal?

Jassie Virk: We believe that kids and families deserve world-class health care whenever they come through our doors. But it’s simply not possible for public funding alone to ensure that. For one, children are different than adults. They require specialized tools and compassionate care that prioritizes their unique needs for the best outcomes. What’s more, technologies are constantly changing, and the cost of recruiting and training the brightest medical minds can be substantial. The government plays a vital role in helping kids get the care they need, but it’ll take all of us to ensure they receive the best health care imaginable.

That’s where philanthropy comes in. Donations are why we can continually help bring children’s health care to the next level. BC Children’s is transforming care, making diagnostics and treatments safer, faster, and more personalized, and working to find solutions for critical issues facing the sickest kids.

Can you tell us about Delta-Q’s efforts with BC Children’s Hospital? How long have we been supportive of this initiative?

Max Baessato: Delta-Q has been a long-standing supporter of BC Children’s Hospital, dating back to Jeans Day (now called Jean Up), where individuals, families, schools and businesses across British Columbia (BC), participate and fundraise to help support BC Children’s Hospital Foundation. All proceeds go towards the Excellence in Child Health Fund, which supports the most urgent healthcare needs at BC Children’s Hospital, including specialized research into childhood diseases, the purchase of and/or upgrades to state-of-the-art medical equipment, and education programs for caregivers and families.

What direct impact does Delta-Q’s donation have at the BC Children’s Hospital?

Jassie Virk: Donor funding, like gifts from Delta-Q, means we can fast-track life-changing breakthroughs from the lab to kids’ bedsides. Whether it’s kidney failure, cancer, heart disease, or brain health, at BC Children’s, hundreds of health experts are tirelessly delivering care, and over 1,000 researchers are working on the next breakthrough. Your donation accelerates medical discoveries and brings new, more effective treatments and equipment to over 100,000 kids each year.

Why does Delta-Q support the BC Children’s Hospital?

Max Baessato: Delta-Q is a family-focused place. We have many employees who are parents and care deeply about the BC Children’s Hospital’s goals. Together, we want to give back to the hospital to support all their important care programs for helping children recover.

How does this initiative tie in with Delta-Q’s values?

Max Baessato: ‘Doing the Right Thing’ is the central philosophy of Delta-Q Technologies. Four simple words sum up our values and so much more about our company. It means doing the right thing for our employees, communities, and customers. Our company and the BC Children’s Hospital share common values, and we strive to make a difference in the world.

What are some upcoming events at BC Children’s Hospital, and how can companies support them?

Jassie Virk: There are always events in the community, from patients and families creating their fundraisers to some of our signature events. Big and small all these events and their supporters create a huge impact. Below are some of BC Children’s Hospital Foundation’s upcoming events and how to get involved!

Many companies support us through employee giving, cause marketing campaigns, grants, and so much more. If anyone is interested in finding out how they can partner with BC Children’s Hospital Foundation, please get in touch with

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