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International Women’s Day Feature: The Women Forging Change at Delta-Q Technologies

International Women’s Day Feature: The Women Forging Change at Delta-Q Technologies

International Women’s Day is an annual celebration of the social, economic, cultural, and political achievements of women worldwide. The origins of this day can be traced back to the early 1900s when women in the United States and Europe began to demand better working conditions, voting rights, and equal pay. In 1908, the first Women’s Day was observed in New York, and in 1910, the International Women’s Conference in Copenhagen declared March 8th as International Women’s Day.

Despite significant progress in recent years, gender inequality remains a global issue, with women still facing discrimination, violence, and limited opportunities in various forms. While we celebrate women on International Women’s Day, it is also a reminder of the ongoing struggle for gender equity, women’s empowerment and the importance of working together to forge women’s equality.

The International Women’s Day theme for 2023 is to #EmbraceEquity and focus on gender equity. But what is it? It is the state of being fair and impartial towards all genders to create a just and inclusive society. The campaign theme encourages the world to celebrate women’s achievements and raise awareness about discrimination, start the conversation about why equal opportunities aren’t enough, and take action to drive gender parity. This isn’t limited to women! Allies are also crucial for women’s social, economic, cultural, and political advancement.

In honor of International Women’s Day, I wanted to celebrate the women at Delta-Q by featuring some incredible women who are forging change at our company. I interviewed Brooke Hanson, Maela Villarica and Komal Kaur. These three women talk about what they do at Delta-Q, their experience as a woman in the engineering and technology field, and their advice for other women who want to be a part of this industry.

What do you do at Delta-Q Technologies?

Brooke: I am the Vice President of Operations and part of our executive leadership team at Delta-Q Technologies. I am responsible for the company’s planning, logistics, inventory, manufacturing, sales operations, and procurement globally. We take the product our engineering team designs and have it built and shipped to our customers worldwide. I am also responsible for helping provide leadership and support to my other executive team members to support all employees at the organization.

Maela: I am the Manager of Sales Operations, where I lead the sales operations team, which manage the day-to-day order entry and communication with customers and account managers. I am working on ways to improve processes and align with our company’s goals and values.

Komal: I am the Accounting Technician at Delta-Q Technologies. My major responsibility is managing accounts receivable. Additionally, I track and report company-wide capital expenditures.

What excites you most about your role at Delta-Q Technologies?

Brooke: We have a fantastic group of people here at Delta-Q, and the company takes great pride in our employees. It has been amazing being part of such a supportive team and working together to achieve the growth we have had in the last two years. Our focus on electrification and sustainability globally is something that makes me very excited about what we can do at Delta-Q and where we are headed.

Maela: I work with a great team who works hard to provide excellent customer service through proactive management of orders from receipt through delivery.

Komal: Being in the initial stages of my career, I have a lot of room for learning. At Delta-Q, there is immense opportunity to learn and grow. The company is set on a path to success, and contributing to that effort gives me a great sense of accomplishment. I am constantly surrounded by inspirational people and innovative ideas. My role includes regular customer interaction, and it is incredible how we provide charging solutions for a diverse customer base. Together, we are moving towards a sustainable future. 

What inspired you to work for an engineering tech company?

Brooke: I have been in the tech industry for over 25 years, and what excited me about the company was the opportunity to be part of an organization that continues to grow and will challenge me to continue to learn. What resonated with me was Delta-Q’s focus on electrification and the ability to positively impact the planet with our product designs to support our customers. I was also inspired to see such a strong female co-CEO at the company, which showed me what an open company this was and how diverse a senior leadership team could be.

Maela: I started with Delta-Q on the sales side as an OEM Account Manager, but to be honest, the selling feature was how great the team was to work with. Now, I love working for a company that is a part of the future of electrification and the sustainability of our planet.

Komal: I’ve always found the fast-growing EV industry very fascinating. The world’s focus has shifted to investing in more environmentally friendly technology. Being sustainable is the need of the hour, so this opportunity seemed promising.

What is the best part about being a woman in the engineering/technology field?

Brooke: I have had a lot of great opportunities in the tech field throughout my career and had an amazing male mentor in my past that helped me pave my career in this industry. While I have had the same opportunities as my male counterparts throughout my career, I enjoy seeing more and more women enter the industry. Especially since, in the past, the tech sector has been predominantly male, particularly in engineering roles. This is an exciting industry with technological changes that provide opportunities for learning and growth for all. As I spend a lot of time working with other countries around the world, I can sometimes be the only woman in the room. So, I think for me as well, having the ability to be a representation in other countries for women is important. That way, they can see a female executive at the table and know there are opportunities out there for themselves.

Maela: When I started at Delta-Q at the end of 2016, only a few women were working at the company, but now that number has grown, which is exciting to see. I love how this field is constantly evolving and that more women are entering male-dominated fields, breaking down gender barriers and paving the way for future generations of women in STEM. 

Komal: Based on my observation, very few women are in this industry compared to men. Traditionally, engineering has been male-dominated, but it is great to see more women entering this field and taking up leadership roles. I think women bring a fresh perspective to the table, which helps widen the range of ideas, leading to better innovation.

If you could give one piece of advice to women looking to enter the engineering/tech industry, what would it be?

Brooke: DO IT! It is an exciting industry that is ever-changing and developing. We are such a global industry, and the opportunities that come from being in this area are endless. The experience I have gained over the years has helped to challenge me and allow me to travel, see other countries, and make contacts worldwide. We are becoming more and more diverse just with the global footprint of this industry, and women bring with them great insights and perspectives that we need in this industry. If you are unsure, reach out to females in the industry and ask questions. The women in this industry are very supportive of one another, so know that you are not alone.

Maela: I would say they should do it! Research the companies and talk to people to see what the culture is like. We currently have a few women co-op students working in engineering, and it’s great to see all these young women entering this field.

Komal: Have faith in yourself, and don’t be intimidated by challenging opportunities that come your way! If you trust your competency and potential enough, everything seems easier and doable. Never be caught up on the skills you don’t possess; rather, focus on those you do. You can always work on improving and advancing!

Written By:

Sarah MacKinnon, Co-CEO & CFO at Delta-Q Technologies

Sarah MacKinnon has been part of the Delta-Q team since 2012, when she joined the Company as CFO. In that role, Sarah worked closely with the CEO/Co-Founder and Board of Directors on driving topline growth and profitability, resulting in the acquisition of Delta-Q by ZAPI GROUP. Sarah was appointed Co-CEO in 2019, and is responsible for all aspects of the company’s strategy, people, and operations, in addition to her CFO role.