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High Tea party for Women’s Day 2024

High Tea party for Women’s Day 2024

Women’s Day Tea Party: Delta-Q Celebrates Unity and Empowerment

This year, in celebration of Women’s Day, Delta-Q Technologies took a delightful detour from the day-to-day in order to orchestrate an afternoon tea party that has left an indelible mark on everyone who attended. 

Led by Brooke Hanson, the Vice President of Operations, the unique gathering was a moment of appreciation for the strides women have made and the roads yet to be traveled toward gender equality. 

Driven by the desire to provide a beautiful and cohesive experience, the tea party aimed to foster a sense of community and special recognition among the women of Delta-Q. 

And judging by the response of the attendees, the result was a resounding success!


“A Women’s Day Event That I’ll Never Forget”

From vibrant tulips to personalized framed quotes to sumptuous snacks and desserts catered by Bon Moment bake shop, every moment of the tea party was a testament to the thoughtfulness and dedication of its organizers. 

“It was perfect and special,” summarized Hema Nanjundaiah, a Senior Software Test Engineer at Delta-Q. “Thanks to Brooke for putting this together.” 

By partnering with Bon Moment bake shop, Delta-Q ensured that the afternoon was not only meaningful but also a delight to the senses, with an array of exquisite afternoon teas, canapés, and desserts.

Hope Sadiq, a Content Marketer at Delta-Q, recounted the event as an unforgettable experience. “It was my first time at something like this, and it was amazing to see how every little detail was taken care of,” Hope said. “The desserts were stunning and delicious—a real treat that made the day feel extra fancy. Being there made me feel lucky to be a woman.”

As the lead creative visionary and architect behind the tea party, Brooke shared her motivation for organizing such an occasion. “I wanted to create an event that not only celebrated the women in our organization in a different way than past years but also had us all engage in learning more about the struggles and movement going on globally,” Brooke explained.

But achieving that goal involved more than crepes and canapés. The best was yet to come.


“This Changes Everything”

One major highlight of the event was a screening of the documentary “This Changes Everything,” a poignant exploration of the challenges women face in various industries, particularly in film directing. 

The documentary spotlighted underrepresentation among women directors and the need for increased recognition and opportunities for women in leadership roles. Brooke hoped the film would remind attendees of the importance of continuous support and advocacy for women’s rights and equality.

“[It] allows us to see the struggles that have been going on for many years in other industries to appreciate how far we have come for women’s inclusion and advancement into equality—as well as how far we still have to go,” Brooke said.

Hema described the film as “both informative and relatable,” a sentiment that echoed among the many attendees as they drew parallels to their personal and professional lives.  

For Hope, the documentary was an eye-opener, highlighting the significant gap in gender representation and the urgent need for change. “The film made it clear: there are plenty of skilled women ready to lead, and it’s high time they got their chance,” she said.


Success From “Something Different”

As the tea party at Delta-Q demonstrated, Women’s Day can be much more than just another day of celebration. It can be something different, a platform for creating moments of unity, awareness, and empowerment. 

This year’s celebration serves as a vivid reminder that every step forward, no matter how incremental, is a part of the larger journey—one that Delta-Q is excited to be a part of. 

Brooke’s words summarize it best: “It’s a reminder to all of us women how we need to continually show up, support each other, and pave the way for future generations.”

Written By:

Sarah MacKinnon, Co-CEO & CFO at Delta-Q Technologies

Sarah MacKinnon has been part of the Delta-Q team since 2012, when she joined the Company as CFO. In that role, Sarah worked closely with the CEO/Co-Founder and Board of Directors on driving topline growth and profitability, resulting in the acquisition of Delta-Q by ZAPI GROUP. Sarah was appointed Co-CEO in 2019, and is responsible for all aspects of the company’s strategy, people, and operations, in addition to her CFO role.