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Go by Bike Week: Promoting Sustainable Commuting and Celebrating the Cycling Lifestyle

Go by Bike Week: Promoting Sustainable Commuting and Celebrating the Cycling Lifestyle

Last week, the annual “Go by Bike Week” occurred from May 29 to June 4. Employees from Delta-Q, aptly named the “Delta-Q Chargers” were part of the 23,297 riders (6,956 new bikers) in BC who participated individually or amongst 4,007 teams. Collectively, the campaign saw an incredible 997,900 kilometers (km) pedaled, negating 216,345 kilograms (kg) of greenhouse gases (GHG) that would have been generated by fossil-fuel transportation. 

The sustainability team at our office took the initiative to organize various activities to encourage employees to pedal their way to work, home and for recreational purposes. This week-long celebration promotes the numerous benefits of cycling and raises awareness about its economic, environmental, and health advantages.  

In this blog, I am excited to share all the incredible moments, key learnings, and our team’s admirable achievements over the week. 

Bike Maintenance and Tune-up WorkshopDelta-Q's Bike Maintenance and Tune-up Workshop

To kick off Go by Bike Week, Delta-Q’s sustainability team staged a bike maintenance and tune-up session at our head office. Our employees brought their bikes to work, where they learned the basics of bike maintenance and got their wheels in tip-top shape for the adventure ahead. From fixing a squeaky wheel to adjusting brakes and shifters, those who took part walked away with newfound knowledge and well-tuned, safe rides for the upcoming week!

Discovering the Benefits of Cycling

To provide additional motivation to participate, riders had the chance to win prizes for logging in the most trips and distance. Talk about a win-win situation—improving your fitness and feeling the joy that comes with the freedom that cycling brings. 

Having done several go-by-bike weeks in years past, I relished the excuse to cycle more. And the fantastic weather we’re currently seeing in Vancouver provided the perfect setting! I am truly fortunate to be able to cycle to work and consider it a great perk. I arrive at the office feeling energized, clear-headed and ready to tackle the day’s challenges. The pedal home is a bonus. 

Living in Vancouver, with its unusual geography, weather, and limited mass-transit options, it becomes obvious that the west coast is a car culture. Indeed, we are tethered to our automobiles for convenience and comfort – but this privilege comes at a steep financial and environmental cost.  

By opting to bike to work, school, or for recreational pleasure, we save the obvious fuel cost and wear-and-tear on our vehicles. Like any large city, traffic jams are the norm in Vancouver, and a deft cyclist can often get to work in the same or less time by avoiding traffic congestion and burning gas. Of course, this reduces carbon emissions and contributes to a cleaner, greener environment. Lastly, let’s not forget the incredible health benefits of cycling! All exercise boosts our physical and mental fitness levels, improves cardiovascular health, and releases endorphins that make us feel alive and invigorated.  

The E-Bike RevolutionE-bike (electric bike)

Now, let’s talk about the exciting revolution in the cycling world: e-bikes – bicycles with a battery and motor that make pedaling easier. Vancouver features many rolling hills to navigate depending on where you ride – and not all riders are able or willing to take on those climbs. The motor assist in e-bikes has now made cycling more accessible. However, the battery and motor’s added cost makes e-bikes less affordable for many. 

But things are about to change!  

The BC province has rigorous goals under the CleanBC program to become carbon-neutral by 2050 and lower 40% of its emissions by 2030. As of June 1, 2023, the BC government is offering rebates ranging from $350 to $1,400 for e-bikes priced at $2,000 or more through the BC E-Bike Rebate Program.  

If you are interested to learn more about this incentive, visit   

Celebrating our AchievementsDelta-Q's pizza party

It’s time to reveal the Delta-Q Charger’s fantastic accomplishment during Go by Bike Week! Seeing our team’s dedication and determination this week was very impressive. Together, the group logged 1,087 km through 117 trips and burned 32,600 calories. By choosing to bike instead of driving, the team prevented 236 kg of GHGs from entering the atmosphere. 

I also want to spotlight our top achiever of the week — Chris Botting, Manager of Research Engineering. Chris racked 102.42 km, burning 3,073 calories and abating 22 kg of GHGs! To commemorate our overall team’s achievement, a pizza party rewarded the effort and marked our commitment to sustainable commuting. 

Key Learnings from Go by Bike Week

I’ve been an avid cyclist for my entire life. From riding BMX at an early age, racing road bikes in triathlons, to now riding BC’s incredible world-class mountain bike trails, cycling is at my core. Reflecting on the past week’s activities, Go by Bike Week brings many like-minded individuals together as a community, sharing the common purpose and values of the cycling lifestyle. For those who pay attention, every new route reveals something new about the urban jungle we live in and the small moments of beauty or wonder that often pass unnoticed, insulated within the confines of a vehicle. Go by Bike Week teaches us that anyone can make a difference and that sustainable living is possible if we commit to it. 

As Go by Bike Week ends, I hope more people join the cycling ranks because they realize life is much more fun and exciting on a bike. I am already looking forward to my next cycling journey as I train for the Tour de Cure this summer, where I will challenge myself to ride 200 km and raise funds to find a cure for cancer! 

Paul Drabble
Written By:

Paul Drabble, Senior Marketing Manager

Paul Drabble is the Senior Marketing Manager for Delta-Q Technologies. Paul’s 20-year career in marketing management spans across a variety of B2C and B2B tech industries, including 10 years in the global power-electronics manufacturing sector. Paul has been an avid cyclist from his earliest memories and enjoys road, gravel, enduro and downhill mountain biking within the sublime trail networks of British Columbia, Canada and beyond.