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Delta-Q named in Deutsche Messe announcement of CeMat 2016 “smart supply chain solutions” theme

Delta-Q named in Deutsche Messe announcement of CeMat 2016 “smart supply chain solutions” theme

With a theme of “smart supply chain solutions”, CeMAT 2016 will highlight the pivotal role of logistics in today’s increasingly digitized and integrated industrial value chains. Running from May 31 to June 3, 2016 in Hannover, Germany, the show perfectly reflects the growing complexity of supply chains and the need for companies to streamline their processes, to cut costs and become more agile.

At CeMat 2016, Delta-Q will introduce two new IC Series battery chargers into the global market. These products were created as durable on-board chargers for electric pallet trucks, burden carriers and other materials handling equipment. All Delta-Q chargers are capable of charging multiple types of lead acid and lithium batteries, and are usable on any electrical grid worldwide.

Read below for multiple translations of CeMAT 2016’s “smart supply chain solutions” news release and the sections mentioning Delta-Q Technologies as a new member of the 2016 exhibitor lineup.

Materials Handling World Magazine 
CeMAT, the world’s leading trade fair for intralogistics and supply chain management, is held every two years. The upcoming CeMAT, which runs from 31 May to 3 June 2016, is expected to attract around 1,000 exhibitors from every corner of the globe. “We are highly pleased with the current level of incoming exhibitor registrations,” said Gruchow. “The figure is now ten percent higher than for the same period in the run-up to the previous CeMAT. We’re expecting a lot of new names in the exhibitor lineup – companies like Baust & Co from Germany, Delta-Q Technologies from Canada, and Makersan from Turkey. There will also be a few companies we’ve not seen at CeMAT in a while, including Manitou and Feralco from France, Ningbo from China and Fantuzzi from Italy. CeMAT is in a league of its own. For a global industry like intralogistics, there is simply no better platform for showcasing the latest amazing technologies to the world and keeping up with current trends and developments,” added Gruchow“.


“CeMAT se organiza cada dos años y para su próxima edición, los organizadores esperan la participación de 1.000 expositores procedentes de todo el mundo. «Estamos muy satisfechos con el número de inscripciones realizadas hasta la fecha. Ya hemos superado en un 10% la cuota correspondiente a la edición 2013. Contamos con la participación de muchos expositores que acuden por primera vez como Baust & Co, de Alemania o Delta-Q Technologies, de Canadá y Makersan, de Turquía, pero también con otros que repiten como Manitou y Feralco, de Francia o Ningbo, de China y Fantuzzi, de Italia», añade Gruchow”.

Logistica Efficiente

Salone leader mondiale dell’intralogistica e del Supply Chain Management, il CeMAT ha una cadenza biennale. Alla prossima edizione sono attesi circa 1.000 espositori da tutto il mondo. “Siamo molto soddisfatti dell’andamento attuale delle iscrizioni. Al momento siamo il dieci per cento al di sopra del valore confrontabile del 2013. Nel 2016 esporranno molte nuove aziende, come la tedesca Baust & Co., la canadese Delta-Q Technologies, o la Makersan turca. E ci saranno anche dei rientri, come le aziende francesi Manitou e Feralco o la cinese Ningbo e la Fantuzzi italiana. Il CeMAT è unico nel suo genere, ed è la piattaforma più adatta per gli operatori dell’intralogistica presenti sul mercato mondiale che intendano proporre tecnologie affascinanti e toccare con mano trend pionieristici”, aggiunge Gruchow”.

Deutsche Messe

Die CeMAT wird als weltweit führende Messe für Intralogistik und Supply Chain Management alle zwei Jahre ausgerichtet. Zur nächsten CeMAT vom 31. Mai bis zum 3. Juni werden rund 1 000 Aussteller aus aller Welt erwartet. „Wir sind mit dem derzeitigen Anmeldestand sehr zufrieden. Zurzeit liegen wir zehn Prozent über dem Vergleichswert in 2013. Es sind viele neue Unternehmen auf der CeMAT, wie Baust & Co. aus Deutschland oder Delta-Q Technologies aus Kanada und Makersan aus der Türkei, aber auch Rückkehrer wie Manitou und Feralco aus Frankreich oder Ningbo aus China und Fantuzzi aus Italien. Die CeMAT ist einzigartig und für die weltweit tätige Intralogistik-Branche die richtige Plattform, um faszinierende Technologien zu zeigen und wegweisende Trends zu erleben“, ergänzt Gruchow“.

Deutsche Messe
Le CeMAT, salon mondial phare dédié à l’intralogistique et à la chaîne d’approvisionnement, est organisé tous les deux ans. Un millier d’exposants du monde entier sont attendus pour le prochain CeMAT du 31 mai au 3 juin. « Nous sommes très satisfaits du niveau d’inscriptions actuel. Nous en sommes à dix pour-cent au-dessus de la valeur comparative de 2013. De nombreuses entreprises nouvelles sont présentes sur le CeMAT, comme Baust & Co. (Allemagne), Delta-Q Technologies (Canada) et Makersan (Turquie), mais des anciennes sont aussi de retour comme Manitou et Feralco (France) ou Ningbo (Chine) et Fantuzzi (Italie). Le CeMAT est unique et c’est la plateforme idéale de la branche intralogistique active à l’international pour exposer des technologies fascinantes et illustrer les tendances du futur », ajoute Andreas Gruchow”.

JMA – Duetsche Messe 

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Delta-Q Technologies (Delta-Q) is charging the future and driving the world's transition to electric energy. They collaboratively design, test, and manufacture robust battery chargers that improve the performance of our customer's electric drive vehicles and industrial machines. As the supplier of choice for Tier 1 OEMs, their customer support and engineering expertise guide their customers through the electrification process for a sustainable world. Delta-Q, a ZAPI GROUP company, is headquartered in Vancouver, Canada. The company’s team and its distributors span five continents and service industries such as electric golf cars, lift trucks, aerial work platforms, e-mobility, floor care machines, utility/recreational vehicles, and new markets, like construction and outdoor power equipment. Please visit their website for news and resources at, or follow company updates on Twitter and LinkedIn for more information.

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