Top 3 reasons to choose an on-board charger for your electric lift trucks

Here are 3 reasons why on-board battery chargers are a growing trend for small electric lift trucks, such as pallet walkies and ride-on pallet jacks.

 1. Convenience = battery health

The convenience of plugging an electric pallet truck into the nearest outlet helps the operator avoid extremely deep discharges that negatively affect battery health. By opportunity charging during breaks, the battery remains in a healthy discharge state and creates more operating time during the day.

2. Delivering an optimized charge profile

Every battery manufacturer has their own requirements for how their batteries should be charged, based on differences in chemistry and construction. With an on-board pairing of charger and batteries, an optimized charge profile purpose-built for the particular battery model can guide the recharge process. With a charge profile that has been validated in a battery lab and signed off by the manufacturer, the battery will have superior performance and longevity.

Delta-Q lift truck charger offering for pallet trucks

Delta-Q’s IC650 Charger is used with the battery packs made by companies like Deka, EnerSys and Exide for Class 3 lift trucks (electric pallet jacks, pallet walkies, AGVs)

3. The future is now

Lift truck designs are getting more complex, to the benefit of users who want more features and better performance. An on-board charger with communication abilities can tie into the advanced diagnostics systems that enable easier maintenance and fleet management. Two-way communication with the charger enables a user to download data about charging habits and battery health. Future updates can be made to the charger’s software and charge profiles that will enhance its performance.

Delta-Q Technologies’ on-board battery chargers were featured by more than 10 exhibitors at ProMat 2015, including three of the major lift truck battery manufacturers. To find out more about our unique charge profiles, visit to download our latest white paper, “Achieving ‘Charge Quality’ for Lead Acid Batteries in Industrial Motive Applications.”

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Written By:

Akanksha Kapil

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