Industrial Vehicle Technology International features IC900 and IC1200 battery chargers for lift trucks

The new IC900 and IC1200 industrial battery chargers from Delta-Q have been featured on Industrial Vehicle Technologies International‘s web site for their application as lift truck chargers.

The publication focuses on the technologies inside industrial vehicles and other equipment, often looking into the component engineering and design.

Delta-Q is quoted in the article:

“The IC650 has seen tremendous adoption in the electric lift truck and materials handling machine markets because of its high reliability, superior uptime and effectiveness in charging lead acid or lithium batteries,” says Trent Punnett, vice president, product management and marketing at Delta-Q. “IC Series chargers allow customization that differentiates a manufacturer’s machines and makes them easier to maintain, and our onboard capability provides the convenience of plugging the machine into the nearest outlet.”

See the full feature on Delta-Q’s new chargers here.


Written By:

Akanksha Kapil

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