Delta-Q featured in Globe and Mail article about Asian markets

Delta-Q was featured in a January 15, 2014 article in the Globe and Mail newspaper, titled “Emerging markets at risk amid shift in global growth,” focusing on the effect of U.S. quantitative easing on Asian economies. Delta-Q was sought out as a Canadian company that does extensive business in Asia, in terms of both manufacturing and sales.

Evan Sanders, Vice President of Sales, was interviewed for the piece:

“Over the past few years, Delta-Q Technology Corp. has seen brisk sales for its electric battery charging equipment. The devices are used for recharging construction equipment, scooters, and other electric-powered vehicles – including the carts that newly-empowered Chinese consumers use to zip around freshly-opened golf courses.

‘A lot of [our] growth is coming from the exports that are going to Asia and Southeast Asia, as opposed to the exports going back to the U.S. or Europe,’ said Evan Sanders, vice-president of sales for the Burnaby, B.C., company.

Sanders is quoted later in the story, where the possibility that U.S. quantitative easing could harm Asian economies as capital flows remain in the U.S. and other developed countries.

Delta-Q’s Mr. Sanders isn’t too worried. “If the easing is sudden and deep, I expect it may have some impact,” although effects likely wouldn’t be felt for at least a couple of years, he said.

The full story is available on the Globe and Mail web site.

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Written By:

Akanksha Kapil

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