When Delta-Q introduced the QuiQ high-frequency, power factor corrected (HF/PFC) charger in 2003, it was a statement that one (big) size does not fit all.

  • The charging standard to that point was low frequency ferroresonant or SCR battery chargers that are bulky, heavy and suitable only for off-board charging applications. The QuiQ was, and is, a far smaller, lighter alternative in a sealed passively cooled enclosure opening up the option for customers to install the charger on-board the vehicle or industrial machine.

    In addition, the QuiQ’s power electronics design provided customers the flexibility of using the same charger model worldwide since it accepts 120 volts or 230 volts AC and can be programmed with multiple charge profiles for flooded or sealed lead acid batteries.

    With the new Delta-Q IC650 Charger, Delta-Q has built on the success of the QuiQ with several new innovations. The IC650 Charger incorporates a sealed die cast enclosure to protect the charger’s internal components from

  • high vibration, ambient temperature extremes, and moisture commonly found in on-board electric drive applications. The rugged die cast design also helps to keep the charger electronics cool, without the need for failure prone cooling fans.

    The IC650 Charger features a USB host port, which allows customers to download charge tracking data to diagnose field problems or help to establish warranty entitlement for the battery pack used on the vehicle or machine. In addition, the USB host port can be used to update charging profiles or the charger’s firmware to add future functionality. The benefit of the USB host port is that downloading charge history or uploading new charger software can be accomplished using any commonly available USB flash drive. Customers won't need expensive specialized field service tools—another industry first by

Delta-Q's Modern Digital Charging Solutions

Delta-Q works closely with original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) to integrate our high-frequency battery charging and power conversion products into electric drive vehicles and industrial equipment. This section explains the technological
benefits of using Delta-Q products, focusing on the durability of batteries and chargers and product flexibility.

The life of batteries is a key concern for OEMs, since warranty claims affect profitability and customer satisfaction. Important factors include having the correct charge profile, optimizing battery life through preventative maintenance, and being able to analyze charging and battery usage.

  • Deep Discharge Recovery

    The Delta-Q IC650 Charger can recover batteries with voltage as low as 1.2 V, while the QuiQ will recharge a battery pack discharged as low as 6 V.

  • Battery Maintenance Mode

    Delta-Q products also offer a maintenance mode that starts when battery voltage is 2.08 V/cell. If a machine is put in storage, but the charger is left plugged in, the charger will proactively recharge the pack.

  • Charge Cycle and Event Tracking

    Being able to track charging habits allows you to determine whether recommended charging practices are being followed and to track battery performance. The IC650 Charger’s USB host port means that an inexpensive USB flash drive can easily download charge tracking data, or update the charger with new QuiQ™ charging profiles. This feature will save OEMs expensive technician visits by allowing a customer to download the data and provide it to the OEM for analysis. For the QuiQ charger, Delta-Q’s QuiQ USB Programming Tool allows this information to be downloaded for analysis.

OEMs want to source chargers that meet performance and durability criteria, while also allowing for design flexibility.

  • Charger Versatility

    The IC650 Charger offers OEMs the versatility of addressing multiple applications across their business using a single charger model. The power electronics design provides customers the flexibility of using the same charger worldwide since it accepts 120 volts or 230 volts AC. In addition, it can be programmed with multiple charge profiles for flooded or sealed lead acid batteries, and even lithium chemistries. The rugged sealed enclosure
    allows for both on and off-board applications, and can be optioned with CAN bus communication.

  • Global Charging Products

    Delta-Q chargers can be used globally because of their universal input voltage. The company’s products go beyond IEC standards in handling variable quality AC power input, including immunity to transients.

  • Charger Durability

    Delta-Q chargers can handle the challenges of on-board installation: dust, water, shock and vibration. We maintain an environmental testing lab to subject our designs to accelerated lifetime testing. All Delta-Q chargers have passed EMI, safety, vibration and water ingress protection tests.

  • Highly Usable Products

    Delta-Q chargers are easy to use. They can be programmed in the field, operate at different power levels and provide clear notifications of how a charging cycle is proceeding and when it is complete. Charging data is downloadable from the charger for further analysis.

With differing standards for efficiency and safety around the world, it makes sense for OEMs to use a battery charger that exceeds regulations and is universally applicable.

  • Key Certifications

    All Delta-Q chargers are UL, CE and Class A EMC compliant. All Delta-Q chargers comply with California Energy Commission (CEC) standards for energy efficiency.

  • System Safety

    The architecture of Delta-Q products supports modern system safety requirements.

With differing standards for efficiency and safety around the world, it makes sense for OEMs to use a battery charger that exceeds regulations and is universally applicable.

  • Right Product, Right Price

    Delta-Q develops its products with in-depth and continuing feedback from its customers. This means we develop products that meet OEM requirements, with features that add the most benefits. The company keeps its products focused to keep prices in line with expectations.

  • Lean Production in an ISO 9001 Facility

    Delta-Q products are manufactured in world-class ISO 9001 certified lean manufacturing facilities to ensure product quality and on-time delivery.

  • Avoid Electricity Surcharges

    Delta-Q chargers combine a high power factor of .99 at 120 VAC and .98 at 230 VAC, and have an overall efficiency of greater than 90%. Even for single vehicle installations, converting electricity from the grid into battery charge can provide meaningful cost savings and lower cost of operation over the long-term.

  • Designed For Wide Applicability

    OEMs can reduce sourcing, inventory and design costs by implementing a single battery charger across different product lines. Delta-Q products allow this to happen, including the QuiQ-dci, which integrates a power converter for on-board accessories such as lights and turning signals.

IC650: A New Chapter in Charging

With the new Delta-Q IC650 Charger, Delta-Q has written a new chapter in charging. Its die cast enclosure provides ultimate durability. The IC650’s USB host port allows charge tracking data to be downloaded using a USB flash drive – another industry first by Delta-Q. Click on the icons below for additional innovative features of the IC650.

Innovative technology

Creating chargers that are durable and efficient.

USB Host Port

  • A USB host port allows you to easily download charge tracking data from the charger to a USB flash drive. The charger software and profiles can be updated by the same USB flash drive that received the downloaded data. This
    patent-pending Delta-Q innovation allows OEMs to analyze charging data for quality and warranty purposes, as well as deliver tailored charge profiles for new battery models.

Charging profile variety

  • Delta-Q is known for the variety and precision of its charging profiles, providing optimized charging for all major battery manufacturers and chemistries. On the IC650, changing a profile is as simple as pressing a button. With up to 25 stored charging profiles, you won’t run out of options.

Innovative Die Casting

  • Innovative die casting techniques allow a diagonal cooling fin design, enabling OEMs to install the IC650 in any orientation (e.g. vertical, horizontal) and still have convection air flows cool the charger. The die cast enclosure
    mirrors the internal components—an elegant design that maximizes durability.

Total Cabling Customization

  • OEMs have varied cabling needs and the IC650 allows total cabling customization. OEMs can select AC and DC input cables that can be installed during their manufacturing process. This allows OEMs to source a single charger model
    for each power level without adding SKUs created by different cabling configurations.

Optional CAN bus or Modbus support

  • Delta-Q’s OEM customers have stressed the need for CAN bus or Modbus communication to integrate chargers with their other electric drive components. Delta-Q supplies IC650 chargers with optional CAN bus (Open standard) or Modbus
    communication as an option for OEMs, and will work with OEMs on customization for high volume opportunities.
OEM Support Portal

Technical support resources are available to OEMs using standard or customized Delta-Q chargers and accessories. Click below for answers to Frequently Asked Questions, a link to contact OEM Support, and a form to request access to the password protected OEM Support Portal.